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Qlower's mission and values

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Qlower has a dual mission: to simplify the lives of property investors while generating a positive impact on today’s challenges.
To make this a reality, we follow 4 cardinal values: Simplicity – Relevance – Proactivity – Utility.

Because it’s essential, Qlower takes concrete action on 2 social issues:

  • đź’š Environmental impact: Tools and advice systematically clarify the tax opportunity of energy renovation. When it makes sense, it’s the first investment proposed. We are aiming to reduce the energy consumption of rented accommodation to below the national average of 220kWh/year/m².
  • đź«‚Social inclusion: Everyone needs to be prepared to work longer, in a society where obsolescence is hitting seniors hard. Through its efficient and inclusive operating model, Qlower is demonstrating that senior talent can add value to innovative technologies. At Qlower, each automatically generated tax return is checked by an experienced (retired) accountant. So you benefit from the best of both technology and people. Read the interview with Jean-Jacques, the first retired accountant to certify our tax returns.
equipe Qlower

4 co-founders with complementary backgrounds...

Christophe, Marc, Jean-Marc and Arnaud are more experienced than they are photogenic! The property investment expert meets the banking technology expert, and they are joined by the asset and risk management expert and the chartered accountant Arnaud.

The division of roles came about quite naturally.

Meet our team

Christophe Duprat


Marc Lebreton


Jean-Marc Le Prado


Arnaud Gayot


Hamza Recham

Growth Marketing

Benoît Biloquet

Anatole Delord

Tristan Luong

Alexandre de Blasi

Mathéo Pouliquen

Data Analyst

Afaf Oufquir

Afaf Oufquir

Marketing Department

Charlotte Monnet

Market & Innovation Manager

jean jacques Dubet

Joseph Feghali

Accounting certiafier

Nicolas poliautre

Nicolas poliautre

UI/UX Designer

Stéphane Capinpin

Data Analyst

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