Who are we ?

Qlower's mission and values

Qlower’s mission is to simplify access to real estate investment and enable many people to build up a sustainable asset base.
Four values guide the team in its daily decisions: Simplicity – Relevance – Proactivity – Usefulness.

These values are the subject of articles in our Blog.

3 co-founders with complementary backgrounds...

Christophe, Marc and Jean-Marc are more experienced than photogenic! The real estate investment expert meets the banking technology expert and are joined by the asset and risk management expert.

The distribution of roles came about quite naturally.

Meet our team

Christophe Duprat


Marc Lebreton


Jean-Marc Le Prado


Hamza Recham

Growth Marketing

Product Owner

Anatole Delord

Alicia Vacher

UX/UI Designer

Ismail Bellil

Ismail Bellil

Kévin Carvalho

Matthis Cusin

Full Stack Developer

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