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Qlower vous aide à :
  • Economiser chaque année
  • Renégocier vos contrats d'assurances et vos crédits immobiliers
  • Reprendre le contrôle de vos investissements locatifs
  • Optimiser votre impôt avec nos scénarii et experts fiscalistes

Qlower is free !

Today the app is free. You will have the option to subscribe soon


  • Bank connection
  • Management alerts
  • Bank connection
  • Automated accounting
  • Tax declaration preparation
  • Customer support

Subscription coming soon

24 / month
  • Unlimited properties (3 included + 6€ per property per month)
  • Bank connection
  • Management alert
  • Automated accounting
  • Tax declaration preparation
  • Customer support
  • dedicated bank account creation
  • tax expert support
  • real estate investment support
Being deductible from your revenues, Qlower is even cheaper !
Qlower subscription fee is fully deductible from your rental incomes and generates a tax deduction linked to your personal tax rate to which you add CSG & RDS rate (17,2%).
As an example, for an annual subscription fee of 288 €, if your tax rate is 30% in France, you will generate a (30% + 17,2%) saving, amounting 136 €. Qlower will finally cost you only 152 €, or 12,67 € per month.

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+6€ per new property

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