Qlower, the fintech of proptechs

Qlower brings together the best of banking technology and real estate investment experience.

Qlower understands your transactions, automates your accounting and provides you with an always relevant rental management service.

Open Banking serving your investments

Qlower reads and understands your bank transactions and turns them into up-to-date accounting.

The rental management depending on your situation

By understanding your banking transactions, Qlower knows where you stand.

  • Unpaid rent : here are the suggested actions
  • Tax exemption termination : here are the best choices for you
  • Checking tenant documents
  • Renegotiation of bank loans and insurance

We do not mess with security or regulation!

Qlower uses the latest banking technologies in terms of data security. Your data is stored in France, end-to-end encrypted, intrusion tests are carried out every month.
Note that Qlower NEVER has access to your bank login details which remain with our partner, regulated by the Banque de France.
Qlower is registered with Orias as an Insurance Broker and Intermediate Agent in Banking Information and Operations.

Qlower can never initiate a transaction.

Qlower decla fiscale LMNP

Vous avez jusqu'au 15 septembre pour déclarer en ligne vos revenus locatifs avec Qlower

Ne tardez plus ! Qlower vous accompagne à un tarif exceptionnel de 240€. Réservez dès maintenant !


Qlower, un usage au quotidien !

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